Tequila Lime Cranberry Sauce

Tequila Lime Cranberry Sauce

The bright burgundy hue.  The gelatinous cylindrical form.  The sexy little can indents.

You know what Thanksgiving treat I speak of… The ever-popular Ocean-Spray cranberry “sauce.”

I believe strongly, that this belongs on every Turkey Day table – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for an alternative – to play along side.

A grown-up version perhaps.  Like say, with tequila and jalapenos!

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Better Than Green Bean Casserole… Casserole


We’ve all made the tired old greenbean casserole for family gatherings… well here is a great update with tons more flavor and half the effort!  Everything gets thrown into the Crockpot and a few hours later… BAM… the perfect side dish!

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