Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad & THE SUMMER OF GIVEAWAYS!

Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad

The people have spoken!  Well some of you have spoken, but you’re my people, and that’s all the counts.  General consensus seems to be that we need more non-mayo recipes in our summertime arsenal… so I listened!

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Touchdown Thursdays: Old Bay Bloody Mary

We survived the election, Thanksgiving came and went, we’re in the thick of a crappy football season (well, some of us), and the Christmas season has descended upon us out of no where.  Who’s ready for a drink?

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Touchdown Thursdays: Greek Dip

We did it.  We survived the first week of the 2012 football season.  RG3 made a lot of people in my parts remember why they ever signed on for Skins fandom.  Peyton made me remember why I love him so, even in that terrible orange jersey.

And stomachs all across this great land cried out for Tums, and a week of rest.

With that thought in mind… on to the dip!

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Soupy Sundays: Golden Gazpacho

Step 1.  Chop up a bunch of fresh veggies.  Step 2.  Throw everything in the food processor and blend.  Step 3.  Let in mellow for a few hours in the fridge.  Step 4.  Enjoy the fruits of your tiresome labor.

This would normally be the part where I tell you that I’m exaggerating, but this time, I’m totally not.

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Creamy Cold Avocado Soup with Crab Salad

You’re hot.  You’re sweating.  And you’re starving.  The last thing you want to do is to slave over a hot stove, no matter how good your AC is.  Enter- the beauty that is a cold soup.  One appliance, no heat.  Besides the prep work, only one step… perfection.

While I’m calling out the avocado in the title, she is by no means the star.  I think the beauty of this dish lies in the ensemble cast.  Each player steps up, delivers, and returns to the line.  It’s like a garden celebration in your mouth.  Cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados mingle for earthiness, while the lemon, sour cream and Sriracha add brightness and heat.

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Touchdown Thursdays: BLT Dip

The BLT – talk about an all-star, Pro-Sandwich Hall of Famer!  Now add dairy in two lovely forms (cream cheese and sour cream), turn it into a dip, and we’ve got a serious football party!

This recipe also includes one of our other favorite cooking words… easy!  The only part that will slow you down is the shredding.  Grab some already shredded cheese, a bag of shredded Iceberg and you’re good to go.  Enlist the help of a chopper for the tomatoes, and you’ve got a dip that comes together in a matter of minutes.

You could switch up the spices or the cheeses to your liking.  Hey, it’s football season, call an audible.  Without my boy P-Mann around this year, I’m more than making up for it in the kitchen!

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