Chicken Satay with Zesty Peanut Butter Dip

Chicken Satay with Zesty Peanut Butter Dip

Ripping the flesh from the bone.  Sucking that last bit of meat off.  Licking the sticky sauce residue from your fingers.

As much as we love pairing wings with football, come Sunday, with numerous other dips, spreads, sweets, drinks, and treats to make – who has time to fry and prep those little guys?

Satisfy your crowd’s “foul” lust with these delicious skewers, and zesty accompanying dip.  Bonus – almost no prep time, and minimal cook time.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Crispy Beer Cheese Sauced Potato Skins

Crispy Beer Cheese Sauced Potato Skins

Day late, dollar short.  Week late, day early.  However you spin it, there’s a method to my madness.  Well, not really a method, but a reason.

This post was intended to happen last week, and the week got crazy.  So why not post it tomorrow, on a Thursday?  Because something beautiful is about to happen friends… booze and cookies!

I’m launching an all out Holiday – two weeks of cookies and boozy cocktails, starting tomorrow.  But I love this recipe so much that I couldn’t just let her fall by the wayside.  So here she is, in her beer, cheesy, glory!

When I looked back on all my football foodie posts, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t touched on potato skins!  Like anyone would pass up a hollowed out shell of the mighty carb queen, filled with cheese, bacon, and other sinful delights!

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Leek & Cheddar Beer Spread

Leek & Cheddar Beer Spread

Sweet, subtle, and earthy, leeks possess a unique ability to offer main ingredients support, without stealing the show.  Quite simply, I hardcore them, and this time of year they are more beautiful, lovely, and yummy than ever.

Salty cheddar, hot sauce, beer, and leeks combine to form this delicious spread, perfect for Spring entertaining, or solo comfort munching.

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Cucumber Hendrick’s Soup Shooters

When you look at a cucumber, what do you think?  Perfect for tea sandwiches?  Great marinated with vinegar and dill? Over the eyes for depuffing? Something inappropriate for sharing on this site???

I look at a luscious summer cucumber and think, “Man, they’d be awesome mixed with gin and thrown into a soup.”  Just me?

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Soupy Sundays: Golden Gazpacho

Step 1.  Chop up a bunch of fresh veggies.  Step 2.  Throw everything in the food processor and blend.  Step 3.  Let in mellow for a few hours in the fridge.  Step 4.  Enjoy the fruits of your tiresome labor.

This would normally be the part where I tell you that I’m exaggerating, but this time, I’m totally not.

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Creamy Cold Avocado Soup with Crab Salad

You’re hot.  You’re sweating.  And you’re starving.  The last thing you want to do is to slave over a hot stove, no matter how good your AC is.  Enter- the beauty that is a cold soup.  One appliance, no heat.  Besides the prep work, only one step… perfection.

While I’m calling out the avocado in the title, she is by no means the star.  I think the beauty of this dish lies in the ensemble cast.  Each player steps up, delivers, and returns to the line.  It’s like a garden celebration in your mouth.  Cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados mingle for earthiness, while the lemon, sour cream and Sriracha add brightness and heat.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Crab Rangoons with Spicy Apricot Dipping Sauce

No matter where I dine, I have a hard time staying away from calamari and crab wantons/rangoons, in theory, they should rock.  Inevitably… they usually suck!  I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’m also hopeful that a restaurant somewhere will get these delights right.

In the meantime, I’ll just crush them at home, with killer results!

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Touchdown Thursdays: Fried Macaroni & Cheese with Spicy Pimento Alfredo Sauce

Boxed macaroni and cheese is one of the most nostalgic foods on the planet.  I’m certain everyone has a childhood memory that involves that blue box of cheesy love.  For me, my memory involves my grandmother.  Sundays after church, she usually whipped up a box and served it with bread, apple butter, and some sort of canned veggie… how nutritious!

For some reason no other boxed mac tasted like hers.  I don’t know if she used some magical margarine or fresh off the utter milk, but I miss it.

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Fried Green Tomatoes with Zesty Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Recently I’ve become obsessed with fried green tomatoes, thanks to my favorite local beer spot serving them up, all hot and yummy.  After several plates of these little guys, I knew I had to whip them up at home.

What the heck took me so long?!  Maybe it was that darn movie.  With all that abuse and time jumping!  Anywho,  I’m now super smitten with these little devils, and I think Ruth and Idgie would be proud.  These were easy, delicious and oh, so southern.

I can’t wait to turn these into an amped up BLT – some thick crusty sourdough, mayo, zesty sauce, thick maple bacon, crispy lettuce, and fried greens… NOM!

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