Kick-Offs & Recaps

The Fantasy line-up is set.  The jersey perfectly rumpled.  The beer cold.  The chips and dip aplenty.  Dish with clear line of sight of the southern sky – for maximum Sunday ticket reception.

It’s here dear friends.  The day of days… NFL FOOTBALL!!!

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Beer-Boiled Soft Pretzels with Beer Dip Two Ways

If you’re able to walk past your mall’s version of Auntie Anne’s without getting weak in the knees and/or attacking the free sample guy, count yourself lucky, and maybe have someone check your pulse.  I’m a sucker for a soft pretzel, and having grown up in Amish country, I’m lucky to have the real deal as my barometer for doughy, buttery, salty goodness.

This recipe is my take on the Amish way, with beer added, of course.  In my humble opinion a beer boil is what really sets these guys off.  They come out golden, buttery, doughy, beer-y, and super yummy!

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