Spicy Grilled Corn Salad with Black Beans and Queso Fresco

Spicy Grilled Corn Salad with Black Beans and Queso Fresco

We lost a lot of good men out there today… at least they pummeled to their fateful end, inhaling the delicate perfection that is charcoal.

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Heirloom Tomato Salad with Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Theme week, theme week, you know I love a good theme week.

Sadly, I was unable to give you the rhubarb week I had planned, but this week’s featured ingredient, is no Summer slouch!  The beautiful, the colorful, the delicious, the Summer Superstar – Heirloom Tomatoes!

Clearly, our eyes begin the sensory path to consumption, and to me, there is nothing more appealing than presenting your fellow eaters with an array of color and freshness.  Look at that plate, how could you not want to dive in?  Doesn’t hurt that it’s also delicious.

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Goat Cheese Potato Salad

Picky eating ain’t my thing, but when it comes to potato salad, I’ve got a few ground rules.  No eggs.  No raw yellow/white onions.  No Yukon Golds.  No yellowy matter pretending to be dressing.  So usually, I’m pretty disappointed when it comes time to grab some from the picnic spread.

This recipe – saves me from all that nonsense.  It’s got creaminess, tang, zip, texture, chunk, and funk.  I’d like to think of it as a little slice of potato salad heaven.

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Roasted Beet Salad with Shaved Fennel, Blood Oranges and Goat Cheese

A salad recipe, I’ve contemplated posting one for some time now, but it always seemed like posting a recipe for a club sandwich – they’re basic, and no two people like their salads or sandwiches the same way.  I say rye, you say wheat.  I say mayo, you say mustard.  I say bacon bits, you say stop with the comparisons!

But I’m pumped for this salad… it’s delicious, and the perfect opening act for any main course.  Plus, I don’t want you all to think that I never eat or cook anything other than meat, cheese, bread and sweets.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Jalapeno-Lime Marinated Cheese Salad

A cheese salad?!  Yep… All cheese… All the time!

This salad turned lifesaver after a tubing trip this summer, and I’m sure it will do the same at your football gatherings.

The lime, jalapeno and cilantro in this salad pack a serious flavor punch.  And then there’s cheese.  Creamy, beautiful, wonderful cheese.  I’d like to amend Ben Franklin’s statement… Beer AND cheese are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

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