Kick-Offs & Recaps

The Fantasy line-up is set.  The jersey perfectly rumpled.  The beer cold.  The chips and dip aplenty.  Dish with clear line of sight of the southern sky – for maximum Sunday ticket reception.

It’s here dear friends.  The day of days… NFL FOOTBALL!!!

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Soupy Sundays: Bacon Cheddar Beer Soup

This here soup was my go-to last year, so naturally when I went to make it for a nice Soupy Sunday post, my recipe was nowhere to be found.

This isn’t quite the masterpiece I’d tweaked last year but it came pretty darn close.  With all the cheese I packed into this it turns out almost like a fondue.

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Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn

Ever been driving along mindlessly, and before you know it – you’ve sat through an entire song that you otherwise can’t stand?  No, this isn’t a PSA against bad music, although I implore you to listen to the goods, this is a lesson in mindlessness.

It is entirely too easy to sit down with a bowl of this popcorn, mindlessly shovel it into your pie hole, and then realize you’ve eaten an entire batch.

I don’t want you getting sick – so take it easy with this stuff… please!

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