Soupy Sundays: Mushroom Chestnut Soup

I love the holidays… not like, not get moderately excited over… I GET FRIGGIN PUMPED!  It matters not that stores start putting up trees and lights and pumping Mariah Carey the day after Halloween, my excitement will not die!  I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the fondest memories of the holidays from childhood till today.  They haven’t always been filled with the most pleasant of situations, with myriads of presents, with the best health, or someone to snuggle under the mistletoe with – but they have always been filled with love, with togetherness, with hope, and with promise.  Whatever your religious convictions… it’s my sincerest wish that all your holiday seasons are filled with laughter, music, togetherness, good food, new beginnings and most of all… hope.

Now back to the food… today marks the beginning of a beautiful festive food journey.  From now until Christmas I’ll be posting recipes everyday that are twists on quintessential holiday foods and bevies.

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