Spring Vegetable Macaroni n Cheese

Spring Veggie Mac N Cheese

Want to dive into a delectable vat of Springtime veggies, and don’t mind getting a little gooey on the way out – well, you’ve come to the right place!

I cannot get enough of leeks and asparagus this time of year, and this is the perfect dish to highlight these lovely greens.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Fried Macaroni & Cheese with Spicy Pimento Alfredo Sauce

Boxed macaroni and cheese is one of the most nostalgic foods on the planet.  I’m certain everyone has a childhood memory that involves that blue box of cheesy love.  For me, my memory involves my grandmother.  Sundays after church, she usually whipped up a box and served it with bread, apple butter, and some sort of canned veggie… how nutritious!

For some reason no other boxed mac tasted like hers.  I don’t know if she used some magical margarine or fresh off the utter milk, but I miss it.

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The Only Mac N Chez Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Joan's Macaroni & Cheese

About 8 years ago an amazing thing happened, I was living the starving artist life in NYC and subsisting on FoodNetwork.  One fateful day I happened upon “Best of” and that day’s topic, comfort foods!  When I saw the segment on this dish I immediately tracked down the recipe for… Joan’s Macaroni and Cheese!  This is the first recipe I ever learned how to make and since then I get requests to bring it everywhere, and you will too.  I’ve tweaked it a little, and it defies description, just make it!

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