Pomegranate-Raspberry Bars

Pomegranate-Raspberry Bars

Seven delectable dishes share the plate, but who are we kidding, you’ve picked your fav – the one you want to be the last bite of the meal.  The closer.

This is such a morsel.

Tart, light, buttery, and palate cleansing, – this bar is like sorbet in cookie/bar form.

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Triple-Ginger Ginger Snaps

Triple Ginger Gingersnaps

Ronald WeasleyJessica RabbitCarrot TopToriBeerConan.

Just a handful of the things that the word “ginger” brings to mind.

A request for ginger snaps sent me on a Google quest for the perfect recipe.  I love molasses and I love ginger, so when I stumbled upon this recipe that took both of these guys seriously, I knew I’d found the ONE.

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The Easiest Cookies You’ll Ever Make

A few years ago some local towns-folk got their panties in a bunch over this recipe winning a cookie contest.

The fact of the matter is, these cookies rock!!! They are simple, they take no time, have very few ingredients, and will fly off your cookie platters!

The lover of complex and complicated recipes in me must admit, sometimes less is more!

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Drunken Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Are you looking for a way to get out of the dog house? Maybe you want to show a co-worker you’re more handy in the kitchen or a boss to think you’re swell! Look no further!

What are two things everyone loves… booze and sweets of course! I say, combine them for a double whammy!

These cookies are moist, delicious and totally unique!  They store great and will be a hit with all!

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