Chicken Satay with Zesty Peanut Butter Dip

Chicken Satay with Zesty Peanut Butter Dip

Ripping the flesh from the bone.  Sucking that last bit of meat off.  Licking the sticky sauce residue from your fingers.

As much as we love pairing wings with football, come Sunday, with numerous other dips, spreads, sweets, drinks, and treats to make – who has time to fry and prep those little guys?

Satisfy your crowd’s “foul” lust with these delicious skewers, and zesty accompanying dip.  Bonus – almost no prep time, and minimal cook time.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Wings Two Ways

Wings are an integral part of the football watching experience, and since there are two games this weekend, and two teams emerging victorious and heading to the big dance, it’s so obvious that you need two wing recipes for Conference Championship Sunday.

I’m hoping the Super Bowl means the 49ers and Ravens are throwing down, but that’s neither here nor there – ON TO THE WINGS!

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Touchdown Thursdays: Buffalo Chicken Dip Egg Rolls

Dear friends, please wake me when it’s combine time, because I can take no more of this football season!  Every week seems more painful than the last… the losses pile up on the NFL, NCAA and Fantasy football front!

My dear Brownies take the field tonight against the Steelers, and all I have on my side is hope, faith, and buffalo chicken dip in egg roll form!

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Soupy Sundays: Hot-and-Sour Coconut Soup

An unexpected snow storm has me in serious nesting mode and in need of a that internal warm fuzzy that only comes from a comforting bowl of soup.  This Thai inspired dish has done just that on several occasions, and it’s my hope that you’ll add it to your winter recipe repertoire.

The delicious infused broth has to be used in other dishes, I just haven’t been inspired yet to figure out what.  Trust me when I tell you the ginger, cilantro, garlic and lemongrass have one serious marriage that even cheese and beer would be hard pressed to rival.  There’s a clean, fresh, and sublime taste that accompanies this dish.  I know you’ll love it.

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Blazing Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Nachos and pizza share a commonality – even when they suck, they still rock!  This is not a recipe that will fall into that category, but you know what I mean.

These nachos are the perfect tail-gaiting, game watching fare.  Spicy and bold – not for the weak hearted or willed.  I recommend serving them with lots of napkins, for your forehead, not your spillage.

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