Irish Soda Bread with Whiskey Glaze

Irish Soda Bread

As we prepare for a day of feasting and green beer, may I suggest you sop up some of that liquid bread with the real thing?

Easy and delicious, my two favorite words when it comes to cooking, are perfect descriptors for this bread.  One bowl, no kneading, minimal cooking time, no lie.

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Jalapeño Cheddar Beer Cornbread

Hold on to your knickers kids… this ain’t your Grammy’s cornbread.  This is a knock-your-socks off, set-fire-to-those-taste-buds, reach-for-an-ice-cold-beer, cornbread.  There’s something so simplistic and divine about a hot piece of cornbread slathered with honey and butter, but simplistic ain’t my thang.  Enter jalapeños, Habanero cheese, beer, and a whole lot of other goodness.

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Guinness Corned Beef, Cheddar Soda Bread & Pilsner Parmesan Potatoes

It’s by pure accident that I’m posting my St. Patrick’s Day Feast – before March 17th!  (I don’t want you to think I’m losing my procrastinating ways). So hopefully, this will give you some ideas for maximizing your drinking family time on Saturday.  This plan is for a day of cooking, with very little of it spent actually cooking – love it!

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Touchdown Thursdays: Hoagie Dip

Hoagies and grinders.  Hoagies and grinders.  Navy beans.  Navy beans.  Meatloaf Sandwich. SLOPPY JOES SLOP-SLOPPY JOES!!

This deconstructed version of one serious hoagie is one that will make your taste buds sing.  It’s packing a little heat and a lot of yum.  Take the leftovers, place them on a hoagie, Panini those little suckers, and enjoy!

Why are things better in dip form?  Now that is a life question I’d like the answer to!

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Indian Spiced Pumpkin Bread

Cooking with pumpkin sits high atop the list of reasons why Fall rocks my world, but it always shows up with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  There are far too many spices out there to settle on the pumpkin pie kind, that’s why I was immediately drawn to this recipe.

A break from the ordinary, this bread is spicy, savory, and delicious.  The curry, cumin, jalapeno and cheese offer a little slice of spiced pumpkin love.

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Touchdown Thursdays – Porter-Braised Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Grilled Cornbread & Horseradish Sauce

Pulled pork is one of those nostalgic dishes that reminds me of the house I grew up in.   Giant batches of my mother’s pulled pork would sit in the freezer until we couldn’t take it anymore, and would devour the lot.

This pulled pork sandwich features… you guessed it, BEER!

Nothing about this recipe is particularly difficult but it is a long process.  Don’t let that dissuade you from tackling this yummy little sandwich.  The processes can actually help you, come game days.  Make the pulled pork a day ahead, along with the sauce, which will keep up to a week in the fridge.  The cornbread could also be made ahead and grilled prior to serving.

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Bánh Mì

An odd thing happened when I sat down to write this post… I had no idea what to say.  What do you say about one of the greatest taste experiences on the planet?  Thank God for a world of flavors and cuisines, and thank God for the people who turn us onto them – pretty much all I came up with.

One of the funniest people I know also happens to be our work Bánh Mì fairy.  The first time I enjoyed one of these simple sandwiches, I fell in love.  Simple, beautiful flavors – salty, sweet, spicy, clean… amazing.  Give me bread, meat and cilantro and I’m a happy girl.

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Bacon Stout Jam

What’s better than eating a mound of bacon and drinking a beer?

Pause for audience participation…

Nothing?  Yeah, my thoughts exactly.  Unless of course, we’re talking about a way to SPREAD that goodness.

I first heard about Bacon Jam through Skillet Street Food.  These guys rock around the mean streets of Seattle and deliver some serious food to the fine people of the Northwest.

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Beef Bourguignon Soup with Horseradish Chive Bread

Over the last ten years of serious home cooking, there hasn’t been a single recipe or experience that I haven’t learned something from.  Take for instance the following recipe.  I learned that you should not keep potted plants with unsteady bases close to an open Crock-Pot, it will fall in and you will have dirt soup.  True story – I spent half an hour digging dirt out of this soup – and it was still awesome!

In my defense, it wasn’t that much dirt and it was contained to one spot, so don’t think I’m a total freak for still eating it.

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