Touchdown Thursdays: Crispy Beer Cheese Sauced Potato Skins

Crispy Beer Cheese Sauced Potato Skins

Day late, dollar short.  Week late, day early.  However you spin it, there’s a method to my madness.  Well, not really a method, but a reason.

This post was intended to happen last week, and the week got crazy.  So why not post it tomorrow, on a Thursday?  Because something beautiful is about to happen friends… booze and cookies!

I’m launching an all out Holiday – two weeks of cookies and boozy cocktails, starting tomorrow.  But I love this recipe so much that I couldn’t just let her fall by the wayside.  So here she is, in her beer, cheesy, glory!

When I looked back on all my football foodie posts, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t touched on potato skins!  Like anyone would pass up a hollowed out shell of the mighty carb queen, filled with cheese, bacon, and other sinful delights!

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Chocolate Stout S’More Shakes

Chocolate Stout S'More Shakes

Note to self:  when grilling marshmallows over an open flame for the purpose of making s’mores, do not, if said marshmallows catch on fire, flail the skewer around wildly, to put out the flame.  You might fling it onto a stranger’s leg and catch their pant leg on fire… true story, me… this past Memorial Day.

In that vein, and the fact that there was a call for more creative S’more recipes, I bring you my Stout S’more Shakes, less chance of catching anyone on fire here.

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Leek & Cheddar Beer Spread

Leek & Cheddar Beer Spread

Sweet, subtle, and earthy, leeks possess a unique ability to offer main ingredients support, without stealing the show.  Quite simply, I hardcore them, and this time of year they are more beautiful, lovely, and yummy than ever.

Salty cheddar, hot sauce, beer, and leeks combine to form this delicious spread, perfect for Spring entertaining, or solo comfort munching.

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Beer Swiss Fondue

Beer Swiss Fondue

Planning a special dinner for that special someone this Thursday?  Nothing says “love” like beer and cheese… or maybe that’s just my version.

Chances are you have a fondue pot that’s been lying in wait since the 70s, dying to see the light of day, set him free.  This fondue is so easy to throw together, you’ll be sipping martinis and dunking in about 20 minutes.

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Drunken Sugar Plums

Drunken Sugar Plums

Drunken sugar plums… over the course of my life I’ve performed in 100s of Nutcrackers during the holiday season, and I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drunken sugar plum fairy.   This may seem like a useless fact, but considering how much those Russians love their vodka, when it dawned on me, it seemed like a big deal.

This is the ultimate homemade treat for the beer and sweets lover in your life.  You know when you bite into a cordial cherry and that goo oozes out and tastes amazing… this beer, plum, and chocolate combo create the same intoxicating affect.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Beer Brats with Sweet Sauerkraut

Do you ever feel alive? Like truly alive?  I’m not talking about jumping out of a plane, or your wedding day, or watching the World Series from the dugout… I’m talking about those little moments.

For me it’s hiking with the boy and his dog, hearing a melody that gives me shivers, giving someone a hug and meaning it, seeing a sunrise like it’s for the first time, drinking a beer that makes my taste buds dance, smiling at someone that you can tell needed it.  I bring this up, because in making this dish, I was standing over a pan of peppers and onions, and another with beer and brats, and taking in the smells, I thought, “Man, this is living.”  I love those little moments, the ones that they don’t make cards about, that can’t be truly captured, those tiny, fleeting, beautiful moments.  That’s why I love cooking.  And that’s why I do this blog.

Sorry for waxing poetic… it’s just one of those days 🙂

Now give me the meat and beer!

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Kick-Offs & Recaps

The Fantasy line-up is set.  The jersey perfectly rumpled.  The beer cold.  The chips and dip aplenty.  Dish with clear line of sight of the southern sky – for maximum Sunday ticket reception.

It’s here dear friends.  The day of days… NFL FOOTBALL!!!

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