Guinness Corned Beef, Cheddar Soda Bread & Pilsner Parmesan Potatoes

It’s by pure accident that I’m posting my St. Patrick’s Day Feast – before March 17th!  (I don’t want you to think I’m losing my procrastinating ways). So hopefully, this will give you some ideas for maximizing your drinking family time on Saturday.  This plan is for a day of cooking, with very little of it spent actually cooking – love it!

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Soupy Sundays: Lasagna Soup

It’s holiday time… yeah!!! You’re decorating, baking, shopping, running around like a chicken with your head cut off… you don’t have time to slave all day for a yummy lasagna.  But you do have time for a quick, easy, and delicious fake out in soup form.

Similar to goulash, this soup makes a lot, reheats well, and is so hearty that you’ll be good and full for a long day of holiday madness.

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Touchdown Thursdays: Totchos

“Hey Napoleon, gimme some of your tots!” “No, go find your own.”

(Like any recipe with tater tots could be complete without a Napoleon Dynamite reference!)

Warning – this dish is ridiculous!  Warning – this dish is DELCIOUS!

If the idea of using tater tots instead of tortilla chips for your nachos doesn’t appeal to you, all I can say is don’t knock it till you try it.

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Beef Bourguignon Soup with Horseradish Chive Bread

Over the last ten years of serious home cooking, there hasn’t been a single recipe or experience that I haven’t learned something from.  Take for instance the following recipe.  I learned that you should not keep potted plants with unsteady bases close to an open Crock-Pot, it will fall in and you will have dirt soup.  True story – I spent half an hour digging dirt out of this soup – and it was still awesome!

In my defense, it wasn’t that much dirt and it was contained to one spot, so don’t think I’m a total freak for still eating it.

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