Blueberry-Gingersnap Crumble

The embers are glowing.  The meat has been cooked.  The corn charred.  And you’re not going to invite your dessert to the charcoal party?  Shame on you!

You might have thrown a pineapple or two on the grates, but a cobbler probably never crossed your mind.  Well step into the light my friends, grilling is the way to go.

Like a blueberry cobbler on campfire crack, this dessert will change the way you look at that last cookout course.

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Tequila Lime Grilled Fruit Salsa

Let’s see how many of my favorite things we can fit into one recipe, shall we – grilling, mangoes, cilantro, and booze in food?!  What do you get, the most delicious salsa to ride the chip express.

It’s sweet, it’s smoky, it’s awesome!  Grilling the mangoes, pineapple and red pepper take their already perfect flavor and bump them up a notch.  Sweetness hooks up with char and smoke and does a little happy dance.  This salsa was fantastic with chips (I’m obsessed with Terra), but would also be delicious over white fish, chicken or pork.

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Touchdown Thursdays – Porter-Braised Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Grilled Cornbread & Horseradish Sauce

Pulled pork is one of those nostalgic dishes that reminds me of the house I grew up in.   Giant batches of my mother’s pulled pork would sit in the freezer until we couldn’t take it anymore, and would devour the lot.

This pulled pork sandwich features… you guessed it, BEER!

Nothing about this recipe is particularly difficult but it is a long process.  Don’t let that dissuade you from tackling this yummy little sandwich.  The processes can actually help you, come game days.  Make the pulled pork a day ahead, along with the sauce, which will keep up to a week in the fridge.  The cornbread could also be made ahead and grilled prior to serving.

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Bell Pepper Slaw

I don’t know if that longing feeling has always been there, or if it’s only in our late 20s that we acknowledge it, but I crave them – veggies!  Maybe it’s the warming of the weather but I’ve been longing for more doses of some candy from the Earth!

This pepper slaw is so money and the perfect dish to quench my veggie thirst – its’ vibrant colors and bold flavors beat the pants off that tired old cabbage slaw you’ve been toting to picnics for years.

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Garlic, Butter & Chive Cheeseburgers

Don’t let the butter scare you, I promise their presence will give you the most moist and juicy burgers you’ve ever had.  While I usually mix up what gets thrown in my burger recipe, most of these ingredients are a must.  Try them, I promise they will not disappoint!

Garlic, Butter & Chive Cheeseburgers
Did I mention the Bacon Wrapped Cheesedogs in here too!

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