Growing up, I was beyond blessed to have a mother who was, and is, an amazing cook.  At some point she even had a catering business and tried her darndest to get me in on the action.  Naturally, I wanted no part of it.  I swore up and down I’d never learn to cook and would be rich enough one day to have a live-in cook.

One of the hardest and most profound lessons I’ve learned in life is that you will invariably eat every word that falls from your mouth.  Almost all the things I swore I’d never be interested in, I now love – cooking, decorating, antiques, auctions, etc..

This transformation did not happen overnight, but I can pinpoint a major event that triggered the process.  When I was 18, I was living in New York City, pursuing my dream of becoming a ballet dancer, read- I was hungry… all the time!  Couple a dancer’s diet with the introduction of Food Network, and we’ve got a problem.

Staying up late to watch Paula Dean and Rachael Ray, and that was that.  The first big girl dish I attempted was the insanely amazing Macaroni and Cheese from Joan’s in California.  The reaction of those who tried it – enough to ignite the people pleasure in me with a fury like no other.

After moving to Ohio, I continued on my cooking path; a standout is a marinade I tried to perfect for T-bones, involving beer and peanut butter… don’t judge, it was delicious.

Law school in Miami ushered in a new era in my kitchen capers… baking!  Tuesdays became the day I’d bring cupcakes and baked goods into my Contracts class.  With a tiny kitchen and a hand-mixer I baked my little heart out.

Years of cooking magazines, cookbooks, TV shows, hours logged in the kitchen, and my passion grew stronger and stronger.

This blog was started simply as a way to remember recipes I’d tried, and to share them with friends and family that wanted to snag them.

Cooking and baking have become such a beautiful and cherished thing to me that now I am merely committed to sharing my love and passion with as many people as possible.  To me, one of the most amazing things about cooking is that on some basic human level, we are all capable of cooking, we simply need to be shown the way,  a little practice doesn’t hurt either.

Every time I step into the kitchen, make a new recipe, try something different, I learn something new.  I make mistakes constantly, and that’s part of the fun.

I want this blog to become a place where novices and pros alike can come to find new, fun, exciting, and enjoyable recipes – rarely worrying about calories and fat content.

There’s a big beautiful world out there full of big beautiful food, life’s too short not to try it all!

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  2. Hi Megan, my name is Maria M Triana. I love all your recipes, so much that I would like to try some and featured on my blog, but giving the link back to here and the full credit to your site and name, as the original source, as I always do with everything I publish. Thank you very much for your time, kind consideration and for the excellent recipes you bring to us.

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