Soupy Sundays: Spicy Gingered-Carrot Soup

Spicy Gingered-Carrot Soup

Bright, complex, well-rounded… No, this isn’t about you right now… I’m talking about this soup!

A great, light, starter, or perfect for those not-so-hungry lunches or dinners, this deeply flavorful soup is just delightful.  Full of nutrients and spices, it screams healthy, minus my friend, sour cream, of course.

Relatively inexpensive if you’ve got a well stocked pantry, all I had to pick up was stock, coconut milk, and some veggies.

This recipe has been slightly modified from The Wine Lover’s Cookbook, which is full of great ideas.  The original recipe calls for milk and less of the coconut kind, but I prefer the creaminess of coconut milk, and besides, what are you gonna do with the rest of the can?

The ginger really shines here, and I’ve found one of the easiest ways to prepare it is by running a peeled piece over a Microplane.

Replace the chicken stock with veggie, and omit the fish sauce and you’ve got a beautiful vegan/vegetarian friendly heart-warmer.

Low carb, healthy, and amazing- this is definitely a keeper!

Spicy Gingered-Carrot Soup


1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil

1 large onion, chopped

2 stalks celery, ends trimmed and diced

3 cloves garlic, chopped

3 tablespoons peeled, chopped fresh ginger

1 pound carrots, peeled and chopped

4 cups chicken stock

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1/4 teaspoon ground coriander

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce

3 tablespoons fresh lime juice

2 teaspoons rice-wine vinegar

2 tablespoons smooth peanut butter

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1 13.5-ounce can coconut milk

salt and pepper, to taste

sour cream, toasted sesame seeds, chopped fresh cilantro (garnish)


In a large stockpot, heat oil over medium-high heat.  Add onions, celery, garlic, ginger and carrots and sauté for 5 to 6 minutes, until onions are translucent.  Add stock, red pepper flakes, coriander, turmeric, fish sauce, lime juice, vinegar, peanut butter, brown sugar, sesame oil, coconut milk and bring to a simmer.  Cover and lightly simmer for 25 to 30 minutes.  Let cool slightly.

Transfer the mixture to a food processor or blender and pulse several times.  This may need to be done in batches.  Puree until smooth.  Season to taste.

Store, covered, in refrigerator until ready to serve.  To serve, bring soup to low boil.  Ladle into soup bowls and garnish with sour cream, sesame seeds and cilantro.  This soup can be served chilled as well.

Gingered-Carrot Soup

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